What's all this then? Overview of the Tallowlands project


The PCRC – that's the Plastic Crack Rehab Clinic – are a group of nine hobbyists. Over the years we've played a variety of games; from boardgames to roleplaying, and tabletop wargaming's been a fairly constant presence since the group's inception.

You can see our little corner of the Warhammer 40,000 universe on the PCRC's website, managed by the inimitable Stuntwedge. While we've all got our toes dipped into the grim darkness of the far future, the fantasy side of things has been a bit more patchy. Most of us have played Warhammer Fantasy Battles and Warmachine in some form or another at various times, but we've never had quite the same focus on it.

Nevertheless, the nine of us have a surprising amount of models, background and related material that's never had a chance to shine, so this blog has been set up with the aim of providing a central location for it to be shared and displayed – and developed. We hope you'll join us as we use this space to explore the Tallowlands through modelling, painting, writing and gaming.You'll see works-in-progress, finished displays and some battle reports.

Dawi scyldbearers, from apologist's Throng of Nog

What are the Tallowlands?

As mentioned above, enthusiasm for Warhammer has waxed and waned amongst the gang over the years, with some PCRC members being keen players of older editions of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, games like Fantasy Flight Games' Chaos in the Old World, or simply enjoying the fiction. The destruction of the Old World and the nebulous, delayed coming of the Age of Sigmar saw a us create the Tallowlands as a stable spot for our gaming. 

Our tastes run from high to low fantasy, so we wanted a little corner of our own, a little like our 40k Antona Australis Sector. It's intentionally a big fuzzy as to whether it's part of the Old World, the Mortal Realms, in order to allow us maximum freedom.

The Tallowlands are thus a sort of half-way house setting, which owes a lot to the traditional Warhammer Old World while embracing the freedom and personal creativity that the Age of Sigmar setting offers. Thus you can expect some familiarity alongside the sheer surprise that we believe a fantasy setting should offer. 

We hope, therefore, that whether you favour the roleplay-led fantastical and uncharted early editions of Warhammer; the tightly-mapped, ordered and pseudo-historical middle editions, or the latest expansive potential of the Mortal Realms, you'll find something that gets your imagination spinning.


Welcome then, traveller, to the Tallowlands. Be on your guard...

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